What if… tomorrow doesn’t come?


How many times have we heard that said? How many times have we ourselves said it? We have great intentions, but they always have to wait… until tomorrow.

What if tomorrow doesn’t come?

Today I am frustrated. I am saddened. I need to vent, so the best way for me to express myself is through my words.

A few days ago, an amazing man left this earth and entered his heavenly home. It has shaken a community and a church. It has left a beautiful wife a widow, and three young children fatherless. This isn’t the way it was supposed to be; they had plans for the future… for tomorrow.

I don’t understand. We cry out, “Why, God?” He was young; only thirty six. He was the worship leader for our church; one who pointed so many to Christ. It doesn’t make sense.

I am angry.

In recent months, I have heard of too many young fathers leaving this earthly realm. They were godly men, men who loved their wives like Christ loves the church… who were courageous leaders for their families; men of integrity, honor and character; men who modeled on earth the example of their heavenly Father; men who would give anything to spend one more day, tomorrow, with their wives and children.

And yet, we have other men who continue to willingly walk away from their spouses and abandon their children… taking everything they have for granted. They are leaving in search of a “better tomorrow”… intent on finding their own personal happiness, usually leaving a long trail of hurting victims behind them.

I don’t get it….

What if tomorrow doesn’t come?

I know I have written numerous times about making the most of every day. But my heart continues to be so heavy… too many deaths have recently surrounded this community in which I live. For those involved… tomorrow never came.

What about you? What about me?

Are we so focused on tomorrow that we forget to live today?

Is there a relationship that needs to be mended?

An “I’m sorry,” that needs to be said?

Are you a spouse that needs to turn around and go home?

How many times have we said “I’ll go to church… I will get my heart right with God… tomorrow”?

How many times have we promised our children… “Tomorrow”?

How many times have we promised ourselves… “Tomorrow”?

I will do better… “Tomorrow”.

With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. 

 I live now.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, sweet friends… what about today??

2 Corinthians states, “…today is the day of salvation.” Not tomorrow!

Life is too short, and the older I get, the more I have to stare down this reality. We have to live today! We have to make the most of every opportunity while we can… before it passes us by!

We have to love those around us with complete abandon and be the hands and feet of Christ!

We have to say “I love you”… often!

We have to realize that this life isn’t about us… it is all about our Creator. We have to tell those around us who He is and what He has done… tell them about that rugged cross and the hope and redemption it gives to those who believe! What if their tomorrow doesn’t come? What if we had the opportunity to say it, show it, live out the example… and we chose not to? What if we’d simply said “Maybe tomorrow”?

We have to live so that when our time is up on this beautiful green and blue planet and we stand before our Almighty God, He will look at us and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.  That is what this life is really about… getting to spend eternity with Him.

So I challenge you, I challenge me… Live! Live today! Say yes, today! Scratch things off that to-do list. Make that phone call. Say those difficult words you know need to be said. Mend those relationships. Take time to stop… and find the beauty that surrounds you. Take time to stop… and spend time with the Creator of your soul.

As our church and community, along with a grieving widow and family, prepare to bury a very beloved man, we can use his life as an example of how we want to live ours; of how we want to be remembered. There have been so many comments left on facebook, blogs and the newspaper obituary page, all stating what a difference this man made to the hundreds, if not thousands of lives that he touched. He was a godly man who loved Jesus, his family and others. What an impact this one life has had for the Kingdom of Christ.

My favorite quote that I have read regarding this life that has ended too soon: “… he ran the race with integrity and grace.”

If our tomorrow doesn’t come, may that also be said of us today!

 I have fought the good fight,  I have finished the race, 

 I have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7, NIV)

I leave you today, heart heavy, yet full of hope;

Thankful that through Christ, we have a hope of eternity with God.

We have a hope that every tear will be dried and every cry will silenced.

We have a hope of joy everlasting.

We have a hope that with much prayer, there are redemption stories waiting to be written; a hope that those who have walked away or abandoned will become courageous and lead.

We have a hope for the future… for we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

So if your tomorrow doesn’t come… are you proud of the way you lived today?

This post is dedicated to the memory of

Matthew Joseph Davidson (1975-2012).


May you find the beauty in today,

Tara ♥

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

~ Leave me a comment, I would love to read YOUR thoughts~♥

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5 Responses to What if… tomorrow doesn’t come?

  1. cncfimo says:

    When will tomorrow come? When someone tells you “see you tomorrow.” How do you determine when to meet when tomorrow will soon become today? Alas, this is life. Let’s just adore life like a present we received from our loved ones. Present days…. Just a penny of my thoughts after reading yours. Cheers!

  2. John Ball says:

    Well written and how true! I remember when a classmate of mine died after suffering with cancer for several months. I questioned why him instead of me, as he was well educated, married and had a family. At this time I was single and did not seem to have the potential to better the earth as he did.

    Only God knows, and knew us from the foundations of the earth! I guess that we will just continue to TRUST HIM! And be ready for whatever comes tomorrow if there is one!

  3. rachturner says:

    I am so sorry, Tara! What an incredible loss to you, his family, and the whole community. Thank you for this reminder to live TODAY. A cancer diagnosis taught me this lesson last year and I’m trying to keep it at the front of my mind, being grateful for every moment God gives me. Praying for you, friend, as you celebrate Matthew’s life today.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How true! Beautifully written Tara – as Keith has said you definiterly have a gift of expression.
    So much i don’t understand in this life; but that’s where we just have to trust God even thru all the pain re Matt. I love you! Mom

  5. Jo Goff says:

    So very true Tara!! God has blessed you with a gift to express yourself in a beautiful way. Life is so short and so fragile, we must live our lives as if today could be our last and there would be no tomorrow!! Thanks – Jo

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