The Heavy Sword

The Heavy Sword

There are many times I have not understood God… many times I have felt His Words were contradictory.

Over the last three years I have been in a spiritual battle within my family. I have felt the attack in every area of my life; from my marriage, to my children, to my finances, to my very life on this earth…. Some days, I am just very exhausted.

Oh, there have been many, many victories!! God’s hands have literally carried us through each and every day. It is amazing to look back through my journals and remember all that He has done… I am overwhelmed!

But there are still times when I do not understand Him…

(see below to read the rest of the story)

Today I am honored to be guest posting for a dear, sweet friend I have met through this amazing world called “blogging”! (Thanks so much Rachel!!!)

Rachel Turner is a true inspiration of encouragement and strength as she looks to God each day to help carry her through this journey of life. She is currently being treated for stage 4 indolent b-cell follicular lymphoma in the kidney and skin, but she does not let it hold her back from enjoying each and every beautiful moment. She blogs about her walk with cancer along with many other topics including the “Blessings in Disguise” that she finds along the way!

Click HERE to read the rest of my blog post and while you are there, I encourage you to read about Rachel and get to know the incredible woman that she is!

Thanks again, Rachel!!

May you find the beauty in today,
Tara ♥

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

~ Leave me a comment, I would love to read YOUR thoughts~♥

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2 Responses to The Heavy Sword

  1. Anonymous says:

    Created to beautiful… yes we are…and your words, thoughts, transparency, compassion, and love for the Lord are so beautiful!!! Thank you for being so real and sharing your journey with us.
    God created us for a purpose and to use our pain, trials, and tribulations for HIS glory! I came across your blog recently and have been so touched and inspired by it. Your words (inspired by GOD) have truly spoken to me ever so timely. Thank you JESUS!!!
    The words you spoke today seemed to have flown out of and resonated from my own heart. I can relate to every single word you wrote and was and have been feeling all of those ways.
    I’ve been on a long difficult journey in my marriage for over 21 years (numerous separations and Godly counsel) and am once again seeking God’s clear direction in HIS will for me and my teenage sons at this time. I just want to clearly know HIS will and counsel and not the many counsels from man. To be still and hear clearly from HIM. I have so longed to have the joy and peace you have through the heart wrenching circumstances and I have experienced it but isn’t always consistent. I know all things happen in HIS timing and continue to look to HIM to continue to carry me through and reveal HIS plan.
    There are so many dynamics (verbal,mental, emotional abuse, strongholds etc.) to the issues in our marriage and want to love unconditionally. It is sooooooooooo destructive and we are all exhausted!

    Thank you again for your love and faithfulness to the mighty GOD we serve!

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