Cling Tightly

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” (Bob Dylan)

It has been a rough week here at our house… Sweet baby Isaac has been cutting his third tooth. It can be very difficult during this time as he just wants mama, especially at night. But I do not mind at all… there is no place I would rather be than wrapped up in a blanket with my baby, either on the front porch swing or in the glider as I try to comfort him during this painful process. After all, these moments pass all too quickly….

A few nights ago as I was trying to soothe my baby back to sleep I walked past a large mirror and glanced at his angelic face. There he was… eyes red and puffy from crying, head resting on my shoulder and arms holding tightly onto me. It was the most tender moment as I realized just how much being in the arms of mommy was comforting to him. His gums were still inflamed and swollen, but just being there with me somehow made it all better.

Life can be very painful… let’s face it, sometimes it can just stink. There are times when we create our own problems (hmmm… my list is a mile long) and there are also times we have to suffer through adversity and trials due to others’ choices and mistakes. Either way… pain is pain. Heartache, disappointment and loss can cut through our hearts to the very depths of our souls; they can leave very deep wounds that never seem to heal. During this time, we too have a shoulder to rest our head… we have open arms just wanting to hold us… we have a Heavenly Father just waiting to dry our tears.

The problem is that many of us will turn to God when we experience heartache and confusion in our lives, but we expect Him to quickly heal us and fix our problems. When that does not happen quickly enough for us, we get mad… frustrated… sometimes we walk away and search for our own solutions. We live in a day and age when everything is immediate… we want it yesterday. We live with microwave ovens, over-night package delivery and drive thru restaurants… so we expect our answers from God to be along these same speedy lines. Sometimes the pain in our lives is necessary to help mold us into the people God wants us to be… character and integrity require various trials and situations before they take shape within our beings… patience and perseverance usually take a long time to instill (which sounds like an oxymoron to me!).  Sometimes the pain is a good thing… it can mold and refine us… it can draw us close to Him so that we learn trust and faithfulness… so we can learn more about who He is and just how much He loves us!

You see, Baby Isaac’s teething is also very necessary! One day he will use those pearly whites to enjoy the finest cut of steak or succulent, juicy ribs… this temporary pain will later allow him to savor some of the most wonderful delicacies. So I hold my baby tightly through the tears, offering him so much love and comfort… He knows mommy is always there. He knows mommy’s arms are always open ready to surround him, even long after the pain passes.

There are times when we just don’t understand God… when we just don’t understand why we have to experience these tough, heartbreaking moments in our lives. But through it all, God promises to be there for us. He may not immediately change our situation or instantly heal every wound, but He is there with open arms just waiting to hold us until the pain eases… He will continue to hold us, even long after it is gone. He just wants us to rest our tear stained faces upon His shoulder and cling tightly to Him. There is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by His love and comfort.

May you find the beauty in today,

Tara ♥

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

~ Leave me a comment, I would love to read YOUR thoughts~♥

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8 Responses to Cling Tightly

  1. rachturner says:

    Beautifully written, Tara. So much wisdom in your words. Hope you are doing well.

  2. planejaner says:

    Lovely post. We all crave those mountaintop experiences with Jesus, where we can see His glory and see above the fray, with Him, for miles around–aren’t we invincible, there, in that moment?

    But, we are called to know the beauty of Jesus in the valley–the deep, intense relationship that only walking with Him through trials can bring us. The communion with God, the pouring out of ourselves to see His will be done…not ours.

    On the mountaintop…everything is glory, bright, lovely–

    But in the dark days, in the valley–whether our own steps brought us there or we were dropped off there by the actions of others…it is there we can know, and be known, by the Lover of our souls…the Lifter of our heads.

    If I must go through the pain, at least let me go through it with Jesus.


  3. Pam says:

    Another beautiful post : ) Great analogy! Sometimes I don’t realize how much I am saturated with the “now” mentality of today until I’m halted by having to walk through a season of waiting and waiting and waiting. HE is there always, easing the pain and giving the comfort only HE can give. I must remember there is a purpose in the waiting and although it doesn’t feel like it right now, HIS plan is worth the wait!

    Fall Blessings,

  4. nolette says:

    Though it is almost close to the end of the week. The week did not start off very well. Then on Tuesday evening when I read this post it redirected my way of thinking. It lifted me up and gave me food for thought to ponder upon. Your post “Cling Tightly” was an eye opener for me. Thank you for your writing and being so heartfelt about it. Thank you for your perserverance. Please believe that your writing is helping and touching those who are reading your post…….ie ME!!!

    Please continue to spread His love and truth. Shalom. <3.

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